Aqueon SmartClean™ Power Filter

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Elevate your aquarium care with the Aqueon® SmartClean™ Power Filter - an advanced filtration system that keeps aquarium water clear and healthy while simplifying monthly water changes. SmartClean™ Technology simplifies water changes in three easy steps: (1) Lift the water spout to stop water flow (2) rotate to the appropriate spot and drain water (3) push the spout back down for a quick and easy water change. All SmartClean™ power filters include EcoRenew™ cartridges that are made from natural fibers and infused with activated carbon for effective sustainable filtration. In addition, EcoRenew™ cartridges are biodegradable and fully compostable providing a positive benefit for the environment. SmartClean™ power filters also feature an adjustable flow rate so you can customize the filter water flow based on the fish and livestock in your aquarium. Elevate your aquarium care with the Aqueon® SmartClean™ Power Filter - a thoughtfully designed system that sets a new standard of success in aquarium filtration.

  • SmartClean™ technology facilitates swift and straightforward water changes in three steps, enhancing water quality for a clean, healthy aquarium.
  • Includes Aqueon® EcoRenew™ Cartridge, designed to be sustainable, biodegradable, and fully compostable.
  • The Bio-Holster™ securely holds the cartridge in place, fostering biological filtration with a NoDrip basin design, minimizing water mess during cartridge changes.
  • Suitable for all fresh or saltwater aquariums.